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Rescue of Holiday Photos

A traveller (name withheld for his own protection) unwisely set the language in his digital camera to English even though his native language was French. As a result instead of deleting some photos he formatted the whole memory card!

This distressed him immensely, but not knowing that recovery was possible continued to take photos for what was left of his holiday. Upon his return I was told this tale of woe, and offered to intervene on the basis that there was nothing to lose.

Back in my office I did a whole media read of the camera card, identified the start of each image and recovered the following data into a files, most of these files displayed as photos, and only a few were scrambled.

The end result was that I was able to recover over 100 of his ‘lost’ holiday pictures.

An amusing postscript is that when the partner of one of his friends heard about how I had recovered his erased photos he said “Keep him away from ours”. Makes one wonder.

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