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Four planets rising in the Eastern sky

During May (2011) we saw the unusual spectacle of four bright planets rising in the East before dawn.

I assisted at the special pre-dawn viewing session at Sydney Observatory on the 13th, here are some photos:

A few days later at McMahons Point I setup my Canon 1000d and took a frame every 20 seconds, I created an animation of these at a rate of 12.5 per second and added a title frame. A Power-Point slide sequence of the procedure is The resulting movie can be seen:
on vimeo
or youtube

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Bogus EMail Disclaimer

IMPORTANT: This email is intended for the use of the individual addressee(s) named above and may contain information that is confidential, privileged or unsuitable for overly sensitive persons with low self-esteem, no sense of humour or irrational religious beliefs. If you are not the intended recipient, any dissemination, distribution or copying of this email is not authorised (either explicitly or implicitly) and constitutes an irritating social faux pas. Unless the word absquatulation has been used in its correct context somewhere other than in this warning, it does not have any legal or grammatical use and may be ignored. No animals were harmed in the transmission of this email, although the yorkshire terrier next door is living on borrowed time, let me tell you. Those of you with an over whelming fear of the unknown will be gratified to learn that there is no hidden message revealed by reading this warning backwards, so just ignore that Alert Notice from Microsoft: However, by pouring a complete circle of salt around yourself and your computer you can ensure that no harm befalls you and your pets. If you have received this email in error, please add some nutmeg and eggwhites and place it in a warm oven for 40 minutes. Whisk briefly and let it stand for 2 hours before icing.

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Website Fixup

A friend had a website developed for their business, unfortunately it was tuned exclusively for Internet Explorer 6, it displayed with various degrees of dis-function on other browsers. With the passage of time this increasingly became an issue. Another issue was that the site was not catching traffic from google very well because the page titles and keywords were too general.

After obtaining access to the website host I was able to fix the layout glitch across all the common browsers, and customise each page’s title and keywords to reflect its content. As a bonus I connected the website to a web traffic analysis package so that now the proprietor can see which pages his clients are viewing and what search phrases they employ.

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Titan causes a Solar Eclipse on Saturn

On the evening of 12th March Saturn’s Moon Titan passed between the Sun and Saturn, from Sydney we could see Titan casting a shadow onto Saturn. The effect is subtle but you can see a darker splash on the left hand edge of the planet. The photographic technique was very simple, I put the camera up to the eyepiece, it is surprising that it worked as well as it did.

A more comprehensive story is on the Blog of Sydney Observatory under THIS LINK.

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Full Moon

The December meeting and Xmas party of Sydney City Skywatchers coincided with the full moon. This hand held photo was taken with my Panasonic FZ20

This image was used on the Blog of Sydney Observatory in THIS ARTICLE.

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